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Entree $21.80 / $22.30

Main $28.80 / $29.80

Entree $14.50 / $15.00
Main $17.50 / $18.00
Extra Large $24.00
Family (serves 5) $57.00
Jumbo (serves 12) $89.00
Note: Jumbo is served as 2 of the family sizes, and we generally need one day’s notice for lasagne in this size!


Gluten Stuff: We specialise in gluten products. Our kitchen is a gluten rich environment, and so we cannot safely provide meals for people living with gluten intolerances. We’d really love to, but to do it properly and safely, we’d need a whole separate kitchen (they cost about $300,000.00, so not this week). While we can certainly recommend a dish that contains LESS gluten, all of our dishes contain it somewhere. This is not lack of care: this is MAJOR care about your health. We hand roll pizza bases in our kitchen, it’s in the air, on the bench. It would be extremely irresponsible of us to try to provide GF, it just can’t be done in the space we have.