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Please note that a $10 per person deposit is required to secure a group booking.  This deposit is refundable right up to 24 hours before the booking date.  This amount is then forfeit for members of your group that do not arrive. At the time of the event, we can then either subtract the deposit from each persons’ bill, or refund the lot to you.  We hate to impose this rule, but there seems no alternative.

Elio’s feast

$36.00 per head

This is the ‘all out go for it’ option, the traditional way. Instead of individual plates, we just load the tables until you want us to stop! Great for large groups who want to do lots of uninterrupted gossiping, singing, dancing etc. We guarantee you won’t leave hungry.

Starters: Garlic & cheese calzones, pesto foccacia’s and antipasto platters

Mains: A huge spread of our pizzas, big bowls of pasta, prawns, veal, pork ribs, lasagne and mixed salads

After: Espresso Coffee or English Breaky Tea and today’s gelati flavours

Elio’s original

$30.00 per head

This is the original set menu that we’ve done forever (well, nearly!).

Entree: Garlic and cheese bread (one between two)

Mains: (choose one of the following)

  1. Supreme or Vegetarian pizza
  2. Tortellini Carbonara
  3. Spaghetti Bolognese
  4. Lasagne
  5. Ricotta Ravioli Vegetarian

Salads to share

Afterwards: Filter coffee or English Breaky Tea, today’s gelati flavours

Rules of the house for groups:

  • Elio’s is both licensed and BYO.
  • We provide soft drinks, tiro flavoured waters, espresso coffees & tea. Both set menus include tea & coffee. Soft drinks cost extra.
  • We don’t charge corkage for set menu’s. We provide wine & beer & champaigne glasses.
  • We don’t charge cake fees if you bring a cake.
  • You will have a good time. We will have a good time. If you don’t, we want to know about it.
  • You will enjoy your meals. We guarantee it. A few minutes after we deliver your mains, we will check back and see if you are enjoying it. If you don’t like it, this is the time to tell us. If you are not enjoying your meal, we will replace it with another.
  • We only provide one bill per table. Ever been frustrated when you couldn’t get a waiter’s attention? It was probably because they were splitting someone’s bill !!! It takes masses of time: by keeping our staff time down, we keep our meal prices down.
  • Table bills for groups can be a bit of an issue (we know how hard it is to be the person organising the group). Over the years we have found that the easiest way for you to cope with the bill is like this: either everyone can pay one by one as they arrive, or we can present you with one bill at the end of the night. Let us know what you would like to do, so that you can relax and have a good time.
  • We provide you with cold water on the table. It is chilled & filtered. We’ll try and keep it refilled, but let us know if you need a top up.
  • The toilets (believe it or not) follow the great Australian tradition: they are in the back car park. You’ll need to grab a key from the front counter on your way.
  • We have high chairs. Let us know if you’d like to book one.
  • We provide colouring books for little kids. If you’d like one too, that’s OK.
  • Elio’s complies with smoking legislation. As we serve food at all of our tables the entire time that we are open for business, there is no smoking allowed anywhere.
  • Please bring a pram if you have little people with you, and let us know if you think of it: we’ll leave enough space for you to park it safely near the table.
  • We are happy for you to decorate the table with balloons, paper hats etc, but we do say a veryfirm ‘NO’ to confetti & similar decorations with little bits that get everywhere!


Paul & Natalie and the team from Elio’s Carina

For all bookings of 12 or more please note that a $10 per person

non-refundable ‘no-show’ deposit is required.
Your booking is confirmed once we have received this deposit,

and binding and nonrefundable 24 hours before the booking time.

If you are not happy with these conditions, do not book.  We hate to

impose these conditions, but we are in despair and can see no other way.