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Elio’s Osteria at Carina is a small independently-owed restaurant.  It has no association with any other restaurant, whether or not they may have a similar name.  A google search will quickly identify Elio’s bar in Sydney, Elio’s Bistro in Victoria, Elio’s Restaurant in Chicago.  There is no tie to any of them.  It is not a franchise.  My wife Nat and I bought it from the Vasta Family in 1999; they bought it from Elio and Margie Marinelli in about 1994; Elio and Margie set it up about 1984 (or so).  I am in nearly every day, my trusted crew look after the store when we are having a day away.  Please say hi when you are in , we thrive on our regulars, some of them we have served for nearly 20 years between this restaurant and others we have owned and run.